Touch Screens for Ordering Meals

Touch Screens for Ordering Meals

Welcome to the future: touch screens for ordering meals. It can be extremely frustrating waiting for a waitress or waiter when you’ve already asked them a couple of times just for a bit more water. I travel to Korea from time to time and they have a good thing going: buzzers. If you need your waiter, just press a button on the table and in almost no time (compared to the US), an energetic waitress is right at your side. But what if you could simply bypass all the waiting and buzzing? I would go for that.

Welcome to touch screens for ordering meals! Just think about it: you flip through the menu and click on what you want and viola! your food is on the way. You want more? The always-ready touch screen is ready to take additional orders and there is no need to wait. In addition, there are entertainment options for kids to keep them glued to the screen and not crawling about the restaurant.

Source: Wired

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