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Gizmodo iPhone Clones

Gizmodo did a decent piece on iPhone clones. They put together four iPhone clones and figured out which was best. Here is the list:

$129.99 Samsung Instinct on Sprint
$199.99 LG Vu on AT&T
$199.99 LG Voyager on Verizon
$199.99 Samsung Glyde on Verizon

I won’t go through everything that was detailed, but the bottom line is that all four provide a terrible, just terrible, browsing experience. Great mobile browsing is not option on 3G-enabled smartphones. IT IS A MUST.

Samsung’s Instinct was the only one of the four with visual voicemail, which was up until now a unique feature to the iPhone. The Instinct also has great GPS navigation.

The LG Vu on AT&T came in at second, but there is no GPS and the email client was terrible. LG Vu gets props for having the best touchscreen and related to that a great virtual keyboard, with very good responsiveness but the UI wasn’t the best.

How about the LG Voyager and Samsung Glyde? Not close to contending.

Although Gizmodo touts Samsung’s Instinct on Sprint to be the best iPhone clone, why not just pay $70 more to get the real deal? An additional $70 spread across a year or two comes down to just $5.83/mo more for 1 year and just $2.92/mo more for 2 years. And here’s another thing you should consider: How long is Sprint going to last? That is something to think about.

I will admit, I do like Apple products in general, but the iPhone 3G has a lot of intelligence built into it and will most likely continue to have the best mobile browsing experience on a smartphone, the best UI, the best music UI, and on it goes.

Source: Gizmodo

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