Garmin Nuvifone

Garmin Nuvifone Specifications
Display: 3.5″ Touch TFT LCD
Connectivity: 3.5G, GPS
Availability: Q4’08

Garmin Nuvifone

What is so interesting about Garmin’s Nuvifone? Is it that Garmin, known for GPS devices, is entering the smartphone market? Or is the interest based on a renewed focus on the overall smartphone market, thanks to Apple jumping in exactly 1 year ago? Well, the Nuvifone is interesting because it will be GPS-centric.

According to Gizmodo, the Nuvifone will be manufactured by Asustek, or simply ASUS. This is news because Garmin doesn’t outsource manufacturing. But maybe Garmin realizes that manufacturing smartphones is a bit different than making GPS devices. Or ASUS gave Garmin a great deal that it could not refuse. The Nuvifone will most likely have a pretty darn good GPS capability, of course. According to the same article, the Nuvifone will be available in Q4’08.

Nuvifone Scenario

With a GPS-centric smartphone, you can do a lot of location-based stuff. For instance, when you’re on the phone with someone and want to find out how to get to a particular place, you just click on a map and the device begins to give you GPS-based navigation instructions. Finding nearby friends is also a cool tool to have if you’re the type of person that people actually like hanging out randomly at any time. Of course, friend finding has been done before and I believe Helio was one of the first to offer this service. Other examples are plenty. I often find myself looking for a nearby Starbucks, bank, gas station, etc. Although a pin on a map is quite helpful, GPS navigation would be best. I hope it has GPS-tagging for photographs.

Source: Garmin, Gizmodo

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