Mitsubishi 149 Series LT-46149: 46″ LCD TV

Mitsubishi LT-46149 Specifications

Display: 46″ TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
LCD Panel: 10-bit
Frequency: 120Hz (Smooth120Hz Film Motion)
Color Gamut: x.v.Color
Video Processing: 12-bit Plush1080p Digital Video Processing
Speakers: 16-speaker Integrated Sound Projector
Connectivity: HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video, PCM
Dimensions: 42 x 28.2 x 4.8″
Weight: 72.8lbs
Price: US$3,299

Mitsubishi LT-46149 46

Mitsubishi‘s 149 Series LT-46149 is the follow up to its 148 Series LT-46148. The LT-46149 is a 46″ LCD TV that features many high-end characteristics. For instance, like some of the top-end Sony LCD TVs, the 149 Series sport the x.v.Color color gamut, which is much wider than your typical NTSC color gamut. Mitsubishi is also known for its 6-color light engine, a feature that is unique to Mitsubishi among LCD TVs. The six colors are generated by a wide color gamut CCFL (WCG-CCFL) and the company touts that it offers more color fidelity relative to colors generated by just three colors, which is typical.

On high-end LCD TV sets, 1080p capability is a given and so is 120Hz or some other method of motion blur reduction. The LT-46149 doesn’t disappoint here as it has both. The LCD panel is a 10-bit panel that allows for billions of colors. With a 12-bit video processor, the Plush1080p, Mitsubishi’s LT-46149 should impress those who require high levels of color fidelity.

Although there is no doubt that Mitsubishi has incorporated a lot of high-end features into the 149 Series, I doubt that it will have a serious impact on its overall market share of LCD TVs. Why? The pricing is just as high as other top brands such as Sony and Samsung. For instance, Sony’s excellent KDL-46XBR5 LCD TV with similar features is priced the same at $3299.99.

May I make a small recommendation to Mitsubishi? How about a smaller price.

Source: Engadget, Mitsubishi

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