Sharp 923SH

Sharp 923SH Specifications

Display: 3.3″ AQUOS TFT LCD Advanced Super View (ASV)
Pixel Format: 480 x 845
Camera: 5.2MP, Auto-focus, Image stabilization
Connectivity: GPS, Bluetooth, 1-Seg, GSM, HSDPA
Storage: microSDHC
Dimensions: 50 x 113 x 18.6mm
Weight: 135g
Availability: July 5, 2008 in Japan via Softbank

Sharp 923SH

Sharp‘s 923SH has one of the most incredible displays! Have a close look at the display specifications and you can see that it is out of this world: 3.3″ LCD with a 480 x 845 pixel format!!! Compare it to the iPhone‘s 3.5″ with just 320 x 480 LCD and you can see that Sharp’s 923SH has more than double the number of pixels in a slightly smaller display. Wow.

The clambshell mobile phone is angular and has that minimalist Euro-look to it. Of course there is nothing minimal about what it can do. Back to the display. It can swivel so when you want to watch TV via the 1-Seg tuner, you can watch it in wide format. Cool.

Sharp 923SH

Want to take a picture? Well, you won’t need to bring your digital camera. The 923SH has a 5.2MP digital camera built-in. Not only that it has image stabilization to get clearly pictures even when your hands are not completely still. But.

But I just can’t get over something. What if. What if the 923SH was designed more like an iPhone? Or a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard? What if the beautiful Sharp 3.3″ ASV TFT LCD was multitouch enabled? What if.

Source: AVING

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