3D Mammograms

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are able to see behind dense tissue that would normally block potential problem areas in breasts. They use 3D mammograms that use special cameras to take breast x-rays at multiple angles to improve breast cancer detection by 23% and decrease false alarms by 46%. Multiple images are overlayed at different angles.

3D Mammograms
Left: 50-year-old’s mammogram showing no problems.
Middle: Mayo Clinic “molecular breast imaging” showing an early cancer.
Right: MRI showing an early caner.

Mayo Clinic’s “molecular breast imaging” (MBI) can be cheaper and easier to administer than a MRI, especially for dense breasts. Currently there aren’t many solutions for imaging women with significant breast density. The 3D imaging helps because depth is added to a 2D mammogram that help breast cancer screening specialists analyze tissues for possible problems.

I don’t know too much about mammograms, but I do know that exposing cells to more x-rays can lead to more cancer. By taking multiple x-rays at different angles, there is the chance that this activity can increase the chance for breast cancer.

Source: CBS News via Slashgear via Engadget

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