LG Chocolate 3 on Verizon Wireless

LG Chocolate 3 Specifications

Display: 1.76″ TFT LCD (external), 2.2″ TFT LCD (main, internal)
Pixel Format: 220 x 176 (external), 240 x 320 (main, internal)
Storage: 1GB Internal, microSDHC up to 8GB
Connectivity: 3.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth 2.1, FM Transmitter
Availability: July 14, 2008 (US, Verizon Wireless)
US$129 after $50 rebate with 2-year Subscription
US$199 after $50 rebate with 1-year Subscription
US$299 Full Retail

Update 2008.07.11 10:38AM PST
As previously reported, LG’s Chocolate 3 was going to be launching next Monday on July 14. Verizon Wireless is speeding up the launch! By ONE day! -.-

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LG Chocolate 3 on Verizon Wireless

LG‘s Chocolate 3 is the third iteration of the popular Chocolate music-centric mobile phone from LG. The design is so that you can easily access multimedia, especially music, without opening the clambshell, which is different from previous versions that were sliders. Due to the clambshell design, the Chocolate 3 has two LCDs. The one on the front is a smallish 1.76″ LCD with a pixel format of 220 x 176 while the main display is slightly larger at 2.2″ with a bit more pixels: 240 x 320.

LG Chocolate 3 on Verizon Wireless

The most unique feature of LG’s Chocolate 3 is that it has a built-in FM transmitter. What this allows you to do is to listen to the music on your phone via a FM channel on your automobile. Your mileage will vary depending on how many FM stations are competing for your attention in your area. Although I haven’t used a phone to transmit music via FM, I have tried it on an iPod and an iTrip: it worked well most of the time, but I did get interference from weird FM stations in certain geographic areas.

Source: phoneArena

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