Sharp 26″ TV Powered by Solar

Sharp 26

Engadget: Sharp introduced a 26″ LCD projection TV that uses about 25% of an equivalent-sized conventional CRT TV. Rear projection TVs are known to be power misers and even compared to LCD TVs or plasma TVs they consume quite a bit less. If you don’t want to make huge payments to PG&E or to your local power company just because you like to watch a bit of TV, look seriously at rear projection TVs. They may be a bit fatter, but they’ll keep your wallet fatter too.

Back to Sharp’s 26″ LCD projection TV. Because it uses quite a bit less power, it can be powered by a Sharp thin-film solar panel, the triple-junction kind. The size of the thin-film solar panel is roughly the same size as the 26″ TV. To save a bit of power, you’ll be spending quite a bit to get that solar panel. The last time I checked, tiny solar panels that can power mobile phones and such were costing around $100. Again, check out rear projection TVs, they’ve got big display size, small prices, and sips power.

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