Rumor: New MacBook Pro

Rumor: New MacBook Pro

There is fresh evidence supporting the rumor that there is a new MacBook Pro in the works. By looking at how much work has been put into the iPhone 3G to make it more enterprise friendly, it will not surprise to see some work done to enhance the acceptability of Apple‘s high-end MacBook Pro notebook PCs by enterprise customers. A lot of enterprise customers have a need for full-blown notebook PCs that are also very portable and expandable. So, with current MacBook Pro notebook PCs being about 1″ thick, Apple will get that a bit thinner. There is also rumor that the Apple logo on the lid will not be lit up. Well, it was a cool thing to do at first, but with the incorporation of LED backlights (LEDs being directional light sources), getting light to go back toward the back of the LCD adds to complexity. Remove complexity, simplify design further, make it lighter and thinner. Sounds good to me. So, take a good look at the pictures. There is the chance that these might be fake, but there is always that chance.

Gizmodo asks: “…am I the only one wondering why the top case is 1/3 larger than the bottom case?” Here’s my answer: “That’s because the bottom case has a removable battery design.” Of course, the MacBook Pro already has a removable battery, but my guess is that this one will be flatter (to make the entire chassis slimmer) and will take up about 1/3 of the bottom of the MacBook Pro. I hope the new MacBook Pros have an all-day on battery capability.

Source: Gizmodo

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