US iPhone 3G Unboxing

Update 2008.07.09 9:22AM PST
Ah, here’s the video:

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Today is July 8. iPhone 3G is coming July 11. The Boy Genius has an iPhone 3G and unboxed it with gobbles of photos to prove it. What just happened? An Apple ninja, that’s what!

Apple Ninja

This Apple ninja must be really good. The Apple fortress doesn’t allow mere mortals to sneak out the empire’s crown jewels before the allotted time. Kudos to you, ninja! (If you want your own ninja, go straight down to the end of this post and get one!)

These two are the only photos I was able to see since at the time of this posting, there was too much traffic going to the gallery.

US iPhone 3G Unboxing

US iPhone 3G Unboxing

Source: Boy Genius Report

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