iPhone 3G Reviews: Ed Baig, Walt Mossberg, David Pogue

iPhone 3G Reviews: Ed Baig, Walt Mossberg, David Pogue

Today is Wednesday. The iPhone 3G comes to town on Friday. Just two more days. But if you need reviews of the iPhone 3G, there are three you should read. Gizmodo has done a great job of putting together the essential parts of these reviews in an easy to read matrix.

All three agree that 3G improves data throughput by a good margin, but only at locations where there is AT&T’s 3G coverage. Sound quality has increased in leaps and bounds with the speakerphone’s volume taking a gimormous step toward making it usable.

In the iPhone 2.0 OS that previous iPhone users will be able to upgrade to, very soon, there are some cool feature upgrades. There is now a scientific calculator. Just rotate the regular calculator. You can delete multiple emails. No more finger burns. You’ve got to send an email in Korean? No problem, iPhone 2.0 can switch to many different languages, including Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

There are still some things to be desired: no voice dialing, no video recording, no copy and paste, no universal search, no Bluetooth stereo, still no Flash support, etc., etc.

The bottomline? The iPhone 3G isn’t perfect, but it is darn close. If you’re already an iPhone toter, no need to get the new one if you don’t need 3G (or if you can’t get 3G in your area). But if you’ve got to roll with the newest and greatest, get your camping gear ready and head out to the nearest AT&T or Apple Store.

Links to the reviews:
Ed Baig’s iPhone 3G Review at USA Today
Walt Mossberg’s iPhone 3G Review at All Things D
David Pogue’s iPhone 3G Review at The New York Times

Source: Gizmodo

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