Rogers iPhone 3G Promotional Offer: 6GB for $30 Per Month

Rogers iPhone 3G Price Table OLD

Micro Newswire: Rogers, the Canadian carrier that will be offering Apple’s iPhone 3G, has launched a promotional offer of 6GB for $30 per month for the data portion of the iPhone 3G. Engadget says that it is “not quite unlimited data, but close enough”. But we need to realize that AT&T’s definition of unlimited data is not quite unlimited.

As far as I know, AT&T (and others) have its own definition of unlimited: 5GB per month. So Rogers is upping the game. But here’s the catch: Canadians will require a THREE year contract and do it before August 31. There will be a July 11 launch at 8am at six Rogers Plus stores in major Canadian cities. And get this: you folks get free breakfast too. Before this change of heart, Rogers was charging an arm and a leg.

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