Samsung BlackJack III

Samsung Black III Specifications

Display: Touch TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 320 x 320
CPU: 528MHz
Camera: 3MP
Connectivity: A-GPS, WiFi, HSDPA
Availability: October, 2008

Samsung BlackJack III

Samsung‘s BlackJack III can be arriving this October, rumor has it. This must be a trend. The BlackJack III will be thicker than the BlackJack II. Just like the iPhone 3G is thicker (in the middle) than the iPhone. I guess miniaturization is moving at a slower pace than how fast manufacturers are packing in feature after feature. According to rumors the built-in camera will be ‘superb’. Samsung has always pushed the bar when it comes to shoving digital camera technology into its latest smartphones. Let’s hope the 3MP camera on the BlackJack III lets us leave our digital cameras behind. A video after the jump.

The BlackJack III will also sport Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and a touch LCD with a pixel format of 320 x 320. Note that 320 x 320 pixel formats have been on Palm devices for a very long time and is just now being seen on Windows Mobile smartphones. What took them so long? I think the answer starts with the letter M.

Source: WMExperts via BGR, PhoneArena, Gizmodo

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