“The 21st Century Begins Now” on Esquire by E Ink

Image Courtesy: The New York Times

E Ink and Esquire will be starting something special together. In the September issue of Esquire, there will be a flashing electronic cover stating, “The 21st Centure Begins Now”. The text blinks because it is an electronic display enabled by E Ink’s technology. E Ink technology enables such prominent devices such as Amazon.com’s Kindle as well as Sony‘s PRS-505 ebook readers. E Ink has an exclusive with Esquire until 2009. E Ink technology allows for text and graphics to be displayed without consuming any power at all. Power is consumed when the display changes. You can read hundreds of pages before you need to recharge the battery, thanks to the bistable nature of the display. The September issue of Esquire will be limited to just 100,000 copies.

Source: The New York Times via Engadget

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