Chimei 52″ LCD TV Just US$2,924

Chimei. Not a brand you’ve likely heard of. Chimei is a LCD TV brand by the Chi Mei Group that operates Chi Mei Optoelectronics, who manufactures LCD TV panels. Complicated, but there’s a connection: one makes LCD TV panels, the other is a brand that takes those LCD TV panels and makes sets out of them. More analysis after the jump.

The big news is not that there is an obscure brand called Chimei but that Chimei is busting out a 52″ LCD TV for just US$2924. And that’s not all. You get a 22″ Chimei LCD TV for free. According to Chi Mei (the group), it took 50% market share of Taiwan’s 52″ LCD TV segment in 1H’08 and aims to stay number one. Take note: Taiwan.

But the one thing that’s strange is that if you just do a quick price search on the Internet, you can get a whole bunch of 52″ LCD TVs for even less than the never-heard-of Chimei brand. Here’s a list thanks to PriceGrabber:

Sharp AQUOS LC-52D92U: $1949.00
Sharp AQUOS LC-52D82U: $1695.95
Sharp AQUOS LC-52D64U: $1499.99
Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U: $1499.99
Sharp AQUOS LC-52SE94U: $2195.00
Samsung LN52A750: $2395.00
Samsung LN52A650: $1999.99
Samsung LN52A550: $1717.18
Samsung LN52A530: $1999.99
Samsung LN-T5265F: $1499.95
Samsung LN-T5281F: $2699.99
Samsung LN-T5271F: $1589.95
Sony KDL-52W4100: $2238.50
Sony KDL-52W3000: $1664.31
LG 52LG70: $2299.00
LG 52LG60: $2369.00
LG 52LG50: $1499.95
LG 52LB5D: $1799.98

There are many more, but I think you get the point. Of course, the main difference is that the Chimei 52″ LCD TV is sold in Taiwan, where TV prices are a bit higher than in the US, thanks to the crazy cheap US dollar versus the NT$, and many other countries’ currency.

Source: DigiTimes

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