Brando iPhone LCD Kit: Repair Your iPhone LCD

Brando iPhone LCD Kit: Repair Your iPhone LCD

If you are in an unfortunate situation where the slippery iPhone fell through your hand and onto the floor cracking the LCD, Brando might have a solution for you. Of course, if you’re like a friend of mine who has broken his mobile phone TWICE by accidentally dropping it in the toilet, you’ll probably have insurance and in that case you can get a new one (after paying the deductible). But if you’re not insured, check out Brando‘s iPhone Kit.

The iPhone Kit comes with a replacement LCD and iPhone Opening Tools Kit that includes a couple of screwdrivers and a few other interesting tools that will help you pry open your iPhone without causing more damage. If you’re steady with the hand and know a thing or two about fixing things, and with the price of only US$85, Brando’s iPhone Kit might just be the trick in getting back your iPhone in fully functioning shape. Oh, the iPhone Opening Tools Kit will run you another US$11, bringing the total to a bit more expensive US$96.

Source: Brando via Reg Hardware via Gizmodo

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