Dell E6400 ATG: MIL-810F Compliant Rugged Notebook PC

Dell E6400 ATG Specifications

Display: 14.1″ Touch TFT LCD Outdoor Viewable
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Pixel Format: 1280 x 800 or 1440 x 900
Brightness: 750 cd/m2 (target)
GPU: Intel with UMA
HDD: Removable Shock-mounted HD
Connectivity: VGA, DisplayPort, RJ45/RJ11, USB (2), eSATA, FireWire, Audio (2)
External Storage: 5-in-1 Card Reader, ExpressCard/54
Other: MIL-810F Compliant (Dust, Vibration, Humidity, Altitude), IP5x Certified for Dust, Spill-resistant Keyboard and Ports, High-durability Textured Paint
Battery: 4, 6, 9-cell and 84WHr Slice
Weight: 5.56lbs (2.52kg) and up

Dell E 6400 ATG: MIL-810F Compliant Rugged Notebook PC

Dell’s new corporate-minded notebook PCs will don the E moniker and kick away the letter D. There are two E notebook PCs that I am particularly interested: E6400 ATG and E4300 (13.3″). I’ll focus on the E6400 ATG here. The 14.1″ ruggedized notebook PC is MIL-810F and IP5x compliant and that means that it is resistant to dust, vibration, humidity and altitude. The hard disk is resistant to shocks and is removable. I am also assuming the LCD is ruggedized somehow to resist shock, cracking and temperature variations. Combine Dell’s E6400 ATG with Casio’s Boulder and you’re set for your wildlife adventure!

Source: Engadget

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