Sanyo XACTI DMX-HD800: 8.0MP Digital Camcorder

Sanyo XACTI DMX-HD800 Specifications

Display: 2.7″
Image Sensor: 8MP 1/2.5″ CMOS
Zoom: 5x Optical
External Storage: SD, SDHC
Video Support: AVC (H.264)
Colors: Gold, Pink, Black
Availability: August 22, 2008 in Japan
Price: JPY50,000 (about US$463)

Sanyo XACTI DMX-HD800: 8.0MP Digital Camcorder

ImpressAkihabara NewsEngadget: Sanyo announced its XACTI DMX-HD800 digital camcorder, an improved model from the vastly popular DMX-HD700 that was introduced in September 2007. In about 10 months, Sanyo was able to improve the 720p digital camcorder quite a bit. The improvement comes mostly in video quality, according to Akihabara News, thanks to Sanyo’s 3DDNR three dimensional noise filter. The HDMX-HD800 records 1280×720 videos in AVC (H.264) format.

The DMX-HD800 can also take 8MP still images, which is quite a bit. Normally, a device like the HD800 that tries to do both video and still images can result in one suffering in quality. It seems the HD800 has the video part down solid. I hope the still images are of high quality as well. If so, that would mean a single device for recording video and taking pictures. That would be nice.

For the majority of consumers the HD800’s 720p format should be plenty, especially if you have a LCD TV that has a pixel format of 1366×768. However, the trend seems to be toward 1080p for LCD TVs and video content (e.g. Blu-ray). If you want to use every pixel of your newly bought 1080p LCD TV, you’ll need to save up quite a bit more for a 1080p capable digital camcorder that can record in 1920 x 1080. But if you’re not in the 1080p crowd and want the best 720p camcorder, Sanyo’s DMX-HD800 will definitely require a thorough look.

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