Dell Inspiron 13: 13″ Notebook PC

Dell Inspiron 13 Specifications

Display: 13″ TFT LCD
Webcam: Yes
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth
Optical: Slot-loading DVD Writer
External Storage: 8-in-1 Media Card Reader
Availability: August 3, 2008 at Wal-Mart
Price: US$699

Dell Inspiron 13: 13

Just in time for back to school. Dell introduced its Inspiron 13 notebook PC. Like the name suggests, the student’s notebook PC sports a 13″ TFT LCD. I am not sure whether it is the new 13.1″ 16:9 or the old 13.3″ 16:10 TFT LCD. Either way, the size won’t weigh you down when running from class to class. Engadget reports that you’ll need to pay extra for such school necessities such as WiFi, webcam and Bluetooth. I guess Dell is trying to milk you for every dollar. There does not seem to be anything awful about the design and with a $699, you can save $400 from the cheapest MacBook, which almost everyone else will be bringing to class. I kid, but only just a bit.

Source: Engadget

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Casio G’zOne Boulder: Mil-Spec Mobile Phone

Casio G’zOne Boulder Specifications

  • Display: 2.0″ TFT LCD (Main), 1.2″ MSTN LCD (Sub)
  • Pixel Format: 240×320 (Main), 96×96 (Sub)
  • Camera: 1.3MP (can be ordered with camera)
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Connectivity: EV-DO Rev. A, CDMA, Bluetooth
  • External Storage: microSD (up to 8GB)
  • SAR: 1.04W/kg (Head), 0.489W/kg (Body)
  • Colors: Silver, Orange
  • Audio Support: MP3, WMA, Unprotected AAC & AAC+
  • Other: Flashlight, Electronic Compass, A-GPS, Mil-Spec, Speakerphone
  • Battery: 214 min (Talk), 63 hours (Standby)
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.0 x 0.9″
  • Weight: 4.9oz
  • Availability: Mid-August, 2008
  • Price: US$129.99 after $50 MIR with 2 year agreement

Casio G'zOne Boulder: Mil-Spec Mobile Phone

PhoneNews: For those that rely on gadgets to be durable, and I mean really durable, rather than pretty, Casio has something that might interest you. Casio has introduced its G’zOne Boulder mobile phone that is Mil-Spec compliant and eschews shock, dust and water. You’ll need to be on a CDMA network for the Boulder to work with EV-DO Rev. A capability. The one question that I have is regarding the durability of the Boulder is the 2.0″ TFT LCD main display and the 1.2″ external display. Are these LCDs ruggedized too? I sure hope so since the LCD seems to be the weakest part of the Boulder.

Casio G'zOne Boulder: Mil-Spec Mobile Phone

I don’t know if it is due to the ruggedness, or if the Boulder has a wimpy battery, but talk time is limited to 3 1/2 hours while standby is limited to just over 2 1/2 days. The Boulder can be used as a flashlight, an electronic compass and via Verizon’s VZ Navigator it can be your portable GPS. The bottomline: you’ve got needs for a ruggedized mobile phone, Casio’s Boulder is a strong contender.

LG Display to Reduce LCD Production by 10%

On July 28, 2008, LG Display announced that it will be reducing its LCD production by 10% through August. This follows news from AU Optronics (AUO) and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) that they will be reducing LCD output by 10% as well.

LG Display is one of the largest LCD manufacturers in the world and it undoubtedly feels the strain that is being caused by LCD inventory build in the supply chain caused by less-then-expected demand for LCD related goods such as LCD monitors and large LCD TVs. It is interesting to note that AUO and CMO were quicker in their decision to respond to market dynamics. The throttled down production by LG Display is temporary and normal levels will resume starting September. This is invariably based on the assumption that there will be a strong demand rebound for LCD products in Q4’08. I believe that assumption might be a bit too optimistic.

Source: DigiTimes

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Brando iPhone LCD Kit: Repair Your iPhone LCD

Brando iPhone LCD Kit: Repair Your iPhone LCD

If you are in an unfortunate situation where the slippery iPhone fell through your hand and onto the floor cracking the LCD, Brando might have a solution for you. Of course, if you’re like a friend of mine who has broken his mobile phone TWICE by accidentally dropping it in the toilet, you’ll probably have insurance and in that case you can get a new one (after paying the deductible). But if you’re not insured, check out Brando‘s iPhone Kit.

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Fujitsu Lifebook U2010: 5.6″ Convertible Netbook

Fujitsu Lifebook U2010 Specifications

Display: 5.6″ Wide Touch TFT LCD
Pixel Format: Reported as 1024×768, but most likely 1024×600
CPU: 1.6GHz or 1.8gHz Intel Atom
External Storage: SD
Connectivity: 3G, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB
Other: Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Weight: 1.5lbs (680g)
Price: Around US$1300

Engadget: The Fujitsu Lifebook U2010 is a bit late to the netbook game, but still ahead of Dell, Sony and others. The U2010 is a 5.6-inch netbook with a pixel format of 1024×600 (likely), but tends to be a bit bulky, angular and at times ugly from the pictures. Fujitsu has made this 5.6-inch netbook a bit special relative to others.

The U2010 is a convertible netbook! The 5.6-inch TFT LCD is touch capable (via stylus it seems) and looks very usable in tablet form. The other specifications are fairly normal except for built-in 3G and GPS. That combination should enhance the U2010’s functionality and make it an essential tool for road warriors. But, those road warriors better have a lot of okane as the U2010 will cost about US$1300!

Pantel 42″ Weatherproof Mirror LCD TV

Pantel Weatherproof Mirror LCD TV Specifications

Size: 42″ TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
Connectivity: RF, Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, SCART, HDMI (Optional)
Other: Waterproof structure, speakers, wall-mountable
Availability: Now
Price: US$5,800

Pantel 42

On July 25, 2008, Pantel announced that it will launch its Mirror TV product line at the 2008 CEDIA exposition that will be held in Denver from September 4 through 7 at the Colorado Convention Center. Pantel will launch three sizes: 20″, 32″ and 42″. All three Mirror TVs can be special ordered today. If you want to get 1080p capability you only have one choice in the 42″ version.

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BlackBerry Thunder: No More Physical Keyboard

BlackBerry Thunder: No More Physical Keyboard

CrackBerryBBGadgetsWired: RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones have always come with a physical QWERTY keyboard. CrackBerry addicts love typing away at the keyboard. The keyboard is one of the main distinctions between it and Apple‘s iPhone, which eschews such crude old-school technology for the latest marvel in technology: touch. With a large TFT LCD display coupled with touch technology, there are obvious advantages.

One of the strongest advantage of a virtual keyboard is the ability to make it any language possible. With the iPhone 2.0 there were support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean text input. On a physical keyboard it would be impossible to support all three at once. Without a physical keyboard the BlackBerry and the iPhone devices are going to get a bit more difficult differentiate.

BlackBerry Thunder: No More Physical Keyboard

Look closely at the pictures of RIM’s BlackBerry Thunder smartphone. And guess what? No physical keyboard. No more messing around with a physical keyboard. You get a full QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode and a less-than-ideal SureType keyboard in portrait mode. I personally like a real virtual QWERTY keyboard in both landscape and portrait modes. The Thunder also has multitouch capability via a nice glass LCD. But in addition to touch, you get haptic feedback via tiny little motors that zing when you touch the LCD.

So, with the physical keyboard gone, what makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry?

AU Optronics (AUO) May Delay Ramp of G7.5 – G8.5 Hybrid LCD Fab

AU Optronics (AUO) may delay the ramp of its hybrid G7.5/8.5 LCD fabrication plant depending on the health of the LCD market in 2009. This is in light of AUO and CMO announcing that they will move forward as planned for G8.5 LCD fab construction just reported days ago.

Many have forecasted a significant oversupply situation in 2009. With a significant amount of LCD capacity coming online in 2009 coupled with a less-than-robust global economy, demand for LCD products might continue to suffer and exacerbate the supply and demand situation. But AUO’s HB Chen, CEO, does not believe that the market will be as bad as others are predicting.

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Samsung LCD Revenue Increase 9% in Q2’08

Samsung announced Q2’08 results on July 24, 2008. Of particular interest was the LCD division.

  • Revenues: Up 9% Q/Q and 41% Y/Y to KRW4.71 trillion
  • Consolidated Net Sales: Up 8% Q/Q and 30% Y/Y to KRW3.94 trillion
  • Operating Profit: Down 1% Q/Q and up 244% Y/Y to KRW1.00 trillion
  • Consolidated OP: Down 3% Q/Q and up 239% Y/Y to KRW1.05 trillion
  • Large-Area Shipment: Up 11% Q/Q and 32% Y/Y to 25.4 million units
  • Small/Medium Shipment: Up 13% Q/Q to 25.3 million units

Analysis after the jump.

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Samsung innov8: Mobile Phone with 8MP Camera

Samsung innov8 Specifications:

  • Display: 2.8″ TFT LCD
  • Camera: 8MP with Smile Shot, Blink Shot, Face Recognition
  • OS: Symbian OS V9.3, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2
  • Connectivity: HSDPA, WiFi, A-GPS
  • Memory: 8GB or 16GB Flash
  • External Storage: SDHC up to 16GB
  • Video Support: DivX, WMV, Real Player, MPEG4
  • Speakers: Dual, 3D Surround, DNSe 2.0
  • Games: Asphalt, FIFA 08, Official Phone of World Cyber Games 2008
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Availability: August 2008 in Europe, September 2008 other markets

Samsung: On July 24, 2008, Samsung introduced its innov8 mobile phone that incorporates a 8MP digital camera. The name is a clever play with the number ‘8’ as it is pronounced ‘innovate’ and it so happens ‘8’ is the number of megapixels for the camera. Although there are mobile phones with cameras that have even more pixels, in this case 8 would be more than enough for most. I just hope the quality is good enough so you can leave your digital camera at home. The camera might be good enough but with the small 2.8-inch TFT LCD, I wonder if you can experience all the goodness the camera captures…