Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications (CH-Mobile) W61H: Design Enabled by E Ink

Hitachi W61H: Design Enabled by E Ink

SlashPhone: Not much is known about CH-Mobile’s W61H other specifications, but maybe that is the case because there is something more exciting than most other features. E Ink’s Vizplex Imaging Film boasts extreme power consumption: zero, when the image doesn’t change. So when used for ebooks or in this instance a decorative external design on a mobile phone, you get great flexibility in what design to use but consuming very little power, if at all. Just like the display on’s Kindle or Sony’s PRS-505, the E Ink display on CH-Mobile’s W61H has a 180 degree viewing angle, so it looks like it is part of the the external case instead of a screen.

The 2.7″ E Ink display animates through 96 different images based on different triggers such as time of call, message received, or when the phone is opened. Making use of the inherit advantages of a bi-stable display that does not consume any power when the image does not change and incorporating that to offer flexibility in the external design of a mobile phone is ingenious. The W61H is offered via KDDI in Japan.

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