Sony KDL-55X4500: 55″ LCD TV with RGB LED Backlight

Sony X4500 Specifications

Display: 55″ 10-bit TFT LCD with RGB LED Backlight
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1 (dynamic)
Color Gamut: x.v.Color
Video Support: 1080/24p
Frequency: 100Hz (European market) Motionflow PRO
Connectivity: DLNA (Ethernet), HDMI (4), Component (2), Composite, S-Video, USB 2.0, PCMCIA, SCART, VGA (15pin D-Sub)
Video Processing: BRAVIA Engine 2 Pro
Tuner: Analog Terrestrial Tuner, Digital Terrestrial Tuner, Digital TV Cable Tuner
148.6 x 85.5 x 35.6cm (with stand)
148.6 x 80.3 x 14.7cm (without stand)

Sony KDL-55X4500: 55

On August 12, 2008, Sony introduced its X4500 series to the European market. Similar to Sony’s top end XBR8 line of LCD TVs, the X4500 series 46″ and 55″ LCD TVs sport RGB LED backlights. But the interesting thing is that Sony does not use the term TRILUMINOS to refer to the LED backlight, like the company does with its XBR8 LCD TVs. I wonder why…

The KDL-55X4500, which is the premium X4500 model, has a large 55″ TFT LCD, and with local dimming enabled by the LED backlight gives off incredible contrast ratio specifications.

What does the BRAVIA Engine 2 Pro do? Noise reduction, color gamut boost, motion interpolation to smooth motion pictures, enhance contrast ratio, 1080p upscaling coupled with Samsung’s Digital Reality Creation (DRC) 3.0. So, the BRAVIA Engine 2 Pro does quite a bit but the real magic is, well, magic and the secret sauce to why Sony LCD TVs look as great as they do.

What is IB Reduction? That stands for Image Blur Reduction and is accomplished by blinking the backlight that results in a reduction of motion blur. IB Reduction, in addition to the doubled-up frequency of 100Hz, should significantly reduce the motion blur effect when watching fast-motion video.

It seems the European market is essentially getting the XB8 series of exceptionally capable LCD TVs in the X4500 line. The RGB LED backlight should bring about stunning colors, contrast ratios and the 100Hz coupled with a myriad of other technologies will all but eliminate motion blur. Looks to be a serious contender for the top LCD TV spot.

Source: Sony UK, Gayakuman

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