Nokia N85: 2.6″ AMOLED Mobile Phone

Nokia N85 Specifications

Display: 2.6″ Wide Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED)
Camera: 5MP with dual LED flash
Storage: microSDHC (up to 8GB)
Connectivity: 3G, GPS, WiFi
Battery: 28-hour music playback

Nokia N85: 2.6

Nokia‘s N85 replaces the N81. In the process, the built-in camera is upgraded from 2MP to 5MP. Whether that will result in better pictures is anyone’s guess before reviews can be conducted, but if you look at the 5MP shooter in the N95, my guess is that the camera is going to be very good. Just don’t expect to shoot fast-moving objects. GPS is a welcome addition. Now the biggest development, in my opinion, is the 2.6″ active matrix OLED or AMOLED or short. I can’t tell just how wonderful it is by looking at the picture, but if you’ve seen an OLED display in real life, be assured that the quality will be excellent and exceeding most other technologies including the latest and greatest mobile TFT LCDs.

The N85 is a slider and exposes N-Gage friendly controls allowing you to relax and enjoy a game or two. Not sure exactly, but there is little to no storage for music files. Instead you can use a microSDHC card that’s up to 8GB for your pleasure. Put all of your classic music in one 8GB microSDHC and your rock-and-roll in another and you’ve got a nice way to make the most of this limitation on the N85. I would have liked a 32GB flash storage device BUILT-IN.

Source: Electronista via engadget

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