Sony BRAVIA XDV-W600: 1-Seg Waterproof LCD TV

Sony BRAVIA XDV-W600 Specifications

Display: 4.0″ Wide TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 480 x 272
Internal Storage: 2GB Flash (10hrs of 1-Seg TV)
Connectivity: 1-Seg, AM/FM Tuner 
Other: Waterproof (IPX6, IPX7) for 30 minutes at 1m depth
Battery: 2x AA Alkaline (23hrs viewing)
Availability: October 30, 2008 in Japan
Price: ¥39,800

Sony BRAVIA XDV-W600: 1-Seg Waterproof LCD TV

Sony‘s BRAVIA XDV-W600 is a waterproof portable LCD TV that takes 1-Seg broadcasts. The LCD is a decent size at 4.0″ (0.5″ larger than the iPhone’s) but with a pixel format of just 480 x 272, which can be found in the company’s PSP. The XDV-W600 takes two AA batteries and should last a good long while, 23 hours to be exact, before pooping out. You won’t have to talk to yourself while taking a bath anymore. Instead, you can watch TV while taking a bath, as long as you’re in Japan.

Source: Sony (translated) via engadget

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