Sony VGF-CP1: 7″ WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Sony VGF-CP1 Specifications

Display: 7″ wide TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 800 x 480
Internal Storage: 128MB Flash
External Storage: SD, MemoryStick, CF
Connectivity: WiFi, Google Picasa Streaming, RSS Reader, Internet Radio Player
Speakers: Yes (stereo)
Availability: Mid-October 2008
Price: US$299

Sony VGF-CP1 WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are quite popular these days. But a lot of them are fairly ugly. Sony’s VGF-CP1 is a 7″ digital photo frame that actually looks nice. In addition it has WiFi capability allowing you to stream Picasa photos. The VGF-CP1 also has a RSS reader and an Internet radio player, which I think is cool as long as you have some decent speakers to back it up with. The 128MB of internal storage seems puny, but at least you’ll be able to connect to it via MemoryStick, SD or CF. I wonder if you can stream photos from your PC via WiFi…

Probably not. The display is a 7″ TFT LCD with a pixel format of 800 x 480. 800 x 480 sounds dismal, but I’ll have to check out the display itself to see if it will do your vacation pictures justice. According to Sony the LCD can display 16 million colors, but for some reason I think this is a 6-bit display that uses software algorithms to process 16 million colors not show them. Back to pixel format: How about we shift gears and get up to 1024 x 600 or even 1280 x 800? That couldn’t be that hard. And yes, I think I will be willing to pay $50 extra since I’m splurging already by spending $300 on a digital photo frame. Can I get touch with that too?

Source: Sony via engadget

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