AU Optronics (AUO) Reiterate Q3’08 Panel Shipment Goal

AU Optronics (AUO) has forecasted that its large-area LCD panel shipments will grow 5% Q/Q in Q3’08. Corresponding ASPs are expected to drop 15% Q/Q for LCD panels geared for IT applications while those for LCD TV applications are expected to drop 5% Q/Q. AUO shipped 21.81 million large-area LCD panels in Q2’08. A 5% Q/Q growth would mean that total large-area LCD panel shipments will grow to 22.9 million units. That might be a bit too optimistic as the top LCD manufacturer in Taiwan shipped just 6.44 million large-area LCD panels in July and 7.3 million in August. That totals just 13.74 million, 9.16 million shy of the goal.

To achieve a 5% Q/Q goal to 22.9 million units, AUO will need to ship 9.16 million units in September representing a M/M growth of 25.48%. AUO’s best month on record was back in September 2007 where it shipped 8.18 million units. The company will need to beat that despite a globally weak economic situation. The situation is about to get worse as Lehman Brothers, one of the largest security firms in Wall Street, just announced that it will file Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early Monday.

AUO will need follow LG Display’s lowered Q3’08 guidance based on a very realistic outlook and reduce its Q3’08 outlook as it will most definitely not be able to achieve a 25.5% M/M and 5% Q/Q to 22.9 million large-area LCD panel shipment in Q3’08.

Source: DigiTimes

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