Audiovox DPF711K: 7″ Digital Message Center with Video Record

Audiovox DPF711K Specifications

Size: 7″ Wide TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 800 x 480 (?)
Availability: September 2008
Price: $199.99

Audiovox DPF711K: 7" Digital Message Center with Video Record

Audiovox‘s DPF711K is a nifty digital message center that can record video. Being able to quickly record video as a “video note” for others might be a cool idea. But for some reason I think most will do quite well with face-to-face communications especially at home. I guess if you’re never home when other members of the family are the DPF711K might help you keep in touch. The display is 7″ and most likely sports a pixel format of 800 x 480 or maybe less. The DPF711K will be available for $200 later this month.

Source: engadget

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