Casio 2″ Quarter Full HD (960 x 540) LCD

Casio 2

Casio developed a 2″ LCD with a pixel format of 960 x 540 resulting in a pixels per inch resolution of 546ppi. The 960 x 540 pixel format is being called Quarter High Definition or QHD. It would be more accurate to call it Quarter Full High Definition or QFHD. The reason being that the term Full HD refers to a pixel format of 1920 x 1080 and Casio’s 2″ is exactly a quarter of it. Imagine the possibilities…

For instance, Wired posted a blog and was lambasting the new Motorola RAZR VE20 as “another hasty paint job to what is essentially the same tired old handset.” I do agree that Motorola needs to update the RAZR in more than a few ways, but there is something to keeping a successful formula for a good long while. Four years ago, the RAZR was THE phone to get. At that time, if I were to have used an automotive analogy, it would not have been far fetched to have compared the RAZR to a Porsche: great design, high-performance, gotta-have-it allure. The reason why I chose Porsche is because the company has kept the basic design of its 911 intact. Successive versions of the 911 only improves on the design but doesn’t not stray away from the basic formula. I think Motorola might have a chance at doing just that with the RAZR.

Take the 2″ QFHD LCD from Casio and stick it in the RAZR. The RAZR VE20 has a 2.2″ but I don’t think most consumers will mind if they lose 0.2″ to get significantly more pixels. With a display that has 960 x 540 pixels, watching video would be much better. Sure the screen is small, but the quality would be fantastic. With a browser that works like Safari on the iPhone, Casio can bring quite a bit with its 2″ QFHD LCD. Add touch capability to it too. And if Motorola isn’t up to doing that alone just ask the guys over at Synaptics, I’m sure they can help. Finally, with a little copying from some fantastic phones from LG and others, make the display swivel and lay flat so you can fiddle directly with the LCD. Take a cue from the G1, the iPhone and others and improve the UI. If Verizon Wireless doesn’t like it go work with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or someone else. Improve the camera to 2MP or more, add a flash and some fancy electronics such as facial recognition, image stabilization, etc. The design might be tired and old, but if you incrementally enhance a tried and true design, it is possible to bring up the RAZR’s status back near the top. But first go talk to the guys at Casio.

Source: Akihabara News

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