Samsung Haptic 2 Touch Smartphones: SCH-W550, SPH-W5500, SCH-W555

Samsung Haptic 2 Specifications

Display: 3.2″ Touch TFT LCD
Camera: 5MP with Flash, Image Stabilization, Macro Mode, Autofocus, Timer
Internal Memory: 4GB (W550, W5500), 16GB (W555)
Connectivity: DMB, Bluetooth 2.0, Mobile Banking
Availability: September 27, 2008
Price: About KRW 70,000 (W550, W5500) and KRW 80,000 (W555)

Samsung Haptic 2 Touch Smartphones: SCH-W550, SPH-W5500, SCH-W555

Samsung‘s original Haptic smartphone was unveiled to the world back in March and sold for KRW 700,000, which is quite a lot. Even at such a premium price, Samsung sold more than 500,000 units in 1H’08 in the South Korean market. Samsung is now launching its Haptic 2 smartphones.

Haptic implies that there is feedback and in the case of Samsung’s Haptic 2 smartphones there are visual, audio and physical feedback. The physical feedback is based on micro motors that generate small vibrations. When you touch the display, the Haptic 2 responds by vibrating. The visual feedback is of course via the 3.2″ TFT LCD with capacitive multi-touch display. Starting at noon on September 27, Samsung will be available for purchase on a first-come first-serve basis at the Sinchon Anycall Studio.

An unique feature is that you have a customizable haptic funtion that allows you to create the type of haptic feedback you want. The original Haptic had 15 widget icons, the Haptic 2 increases that to 50 increasing the customization quotient by quite a bit. Some of those widgets include: Memo Widget, Four Resolutions (for dieting and quiting smoking, etc.) and a “Daily Life Timer”. These names are just my translations from their original Korean titles so they will most likely end up being different.

Samsung is reporting that its new Haptic 2 touch capabilities have been enhanced with smoother drag and drop, picture flipping, fingerwriting recognition functions. There also an interesting “music therapy” function and the Haptic 2 informs you of your bio-rhythms. Samsung has put quite a bit into the Haptic 2 series smartphones and I do hope the multitouch experience has improved over the prior generation.

Source: Samsung (Korean), engadget

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