Emblaze Mobile Edelweiss: Touch Smartphone with 854 x 480 Pixels

Emblaze Mobile Edelweiss: Touch Smartphone with 854 x 480 Pixels

The Edelweiss, one of the most popular European mountain flower, is the name of a touch smartphone that will begin shipping in about a month. Emblaze Mobile is on to something. The large screen, which I would guess to be around the 3.5″ range, sports a pixel format of 854 x 480 (landscape). 854 x 480. Think about that. That’s quite a bit. From what I can tell from the picture, you can drag windows around the main screen. As long as the UI and the hardware is working in tandem (and quickly), this Edelweiss smartphone seems to be a winner.

The high-resolution smartphone will be limited to Russia, hopefully just initially. I also hope that the OS is based on something open. Or maybe it is based on Google’s Android. Who knows, but that would be nice. Let’s allow the developers to bring their magic to super phones like the Edelweiss and see what they can do.

I hope one day soon in the future we can look forward to a 3.5″ multitouch LCD with 1024 x 600 pixels so we can surf like we surf at a desk but on a smartphone. A slide out QWERTY LCD with support for all languages (keys or simply a writing pad) with handwriting recognition and haptic feedback (for typing) would also be a good feature to include.

Source: engadget

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