Sony PRS-700: 6″ E-Book Reader with E Ink Display

Sony PRS-700: 6

Sony via Engadget: The Sony PRS-700 is the latest incarnation of the company’s e-book reader. Similar to the PRS-505, the PRS-700 incorporates E Ink’s electronic paper display. But Sony added a very needed feature: touch. You can use your stylus or finger to flip pages and do other things: much better than having to use buttons for everything. I’m glad that most of the buttons are gone. Nonetheless, buttons are very useful and you still get one row of them underneath the screen.

You can read up to 7500 pages on a single charge. What will you read? E-books, of course, but with special software (eBook Library 2.5 for Windows) you can read Microsoft Word, BBeB, EPUB and Adobe Digital Editions and other text files. Sony says that its e-book store will be revamped sometime this month: something that should have happened years ago. Better late than never. But it does seem that Sony is still missing the boat: No 3G. No wireless. It is indeed very difficult to think outside the box and to create a brand new device or a brand new service. But Amazon has already created it for you: a wirelessly connected e-book called Kindle that allows for wireless purchase and instant downloading of electronic content. And all you had to do was copy it, make a deal with AT&T or Verizon Wireless, work with Barnes & Noble or some other store with an online presence, make some minor changes to the hardware and slap on your nice logo. And you can’t even do that…

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