Sam’s Club September Results: LCD TVs Performed Well

Sam’s Club announced September sales results on October 8, 2008. Net sales for five- and 35-week periods ending October 3, 2008 increased 8.0% and 7.5% to US$4.391 billion and US$31.439 billion, respectively. One of the interesting parts of the results was that sales during September were driven by fresh food, especially produce. Apparel sales were strong within general merchandising due to new fall items. Softer sales were in house wares, furniture, video games and electronics. But within electronics LCD TVs and small electronic devices (GPS devices, MP3 players) did well. That bit of information sounds conflicting, but I guess LCD TVs didn’t do so poorly. That’s good news since it was my understanding that price-sensitive buyers who shop at Sam’s Club would be turned off by high-priced items such as LCD TVs. My guess is that smaller LCD TVs led the category since LCD was called out and not just TVs, implying that larger plasma and DLP units didn’t do very well.

Source: Wal-Mart (PDF)

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