LG Display Showcase 19″ OLED Display at IMID

LG Display Showcase 19

Tech OnGizmodo: The 8th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) is being held in Korea from October 13 to 17. At IMID, LG Display showcased a 19″ OLED display.

From the picture, the 19″ OLED display from LPL seems to sport a regular aspect ratio of a 19″ TFT LCD at 5:4. The pixel format is unknown, but if it turned out to be 1280×1024, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, the interesting thing is that with almost all LCD monitors shifting to wide, a 19″ wide OLED display would have had a bit more pizazz.

What is really interesting about LPL’s 19″ OLED display is that it uses an a-Si (amorphous silicon) TFT backpane. This is significant: with a-Si TFT LCD backpanes size can be scaled for OLED. And that means bigger OLED displays should be coming, at the very least in prototype forms in the near future. I am still quite pessimistic that much larger OLED displays can be mass produced and last as long as LCDs and come in at less than 2x the price in the next 5 years.

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