Sony KDL-40W4000: 40″ 1080p LCD TV

Sony KDL-40W4000 Specifications

Display: 40″ 10-bit TFT LCD with Wide Color Gamut CCFL (WCG-CCFL)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Frequency: 120Hz Motionflow (100Hz for European version)
Viewing Angle: 178/178
Contrast Ratio: 33,000:1 (dynamic)
Color Gamut: x.v.Color
Dimensions: 98.6 x 64.6 x 11.0cm

Sony KDL-40W4000: 40

Sony‘s KDL-40W4000 is a slightly older model, but has all the features you would want in a large LCD TV. The only feature missing would be a LED backlight. A LED backlight not only makes the LCD TV more environmentally friendly (no mercury) it improves the front screen performance via local dimming. Local dimming is a process by which parts of the screen’s brightness is modulated based on the content. So in an area where it is dark the LEDs pertaining to that area are dimmed resulting in darker blacks. Consequently the contrast ratio is great improved. But the KDL-40W4000 doesn’t have that, but it does have a wide color gamut CCFL (WCG-CCFL). What does this mean? It means you get brilliant color! A color gamut of 90% NTSC or more can be expected and this respect bests the LED backlit units. Of course, when you get to RGB LED backlights, it is a completely different story. But we won’t get into that right now.

The KDL-40W4000 has a pixel format of 1920 x 1080, a dynamic contrast ratio of 33,000:1 and a frequency of 120Hz. That 120Hz frequency is quite important and especially combined with the company’s Motionflow technology. By doubling the frequency the oft-mentioned motion blur problem is significantly reduced. Motionflow creates an additional frame and inserts it between two frames making the whole motion picture move much more smoothly. If you want reviews, TEST FREAKS has 14 of them right here. It seems that a lot of the reviews are very positive about the KDL-40W4000. The KDL-40W4000 ranks 2 of 187 Sony TVs, 6th of 440 LCD TVs and 10th of 4031 TVs with a user score of 9.5 out of 10. Not bad.


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