LG XNote S-210: 12.1″ Notebook PC

LG XNote S-210 Specifications

Display: 12.1″ “Fine Bright” Wide TFT LCD
Webcam: Yes
GPU: Undisclosed NVIDIA GPU
CPU: 2.43GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Connectivity: USB 2.0 (2), eSATA, HDMI, FireWire, Audio-In/Out, VGA, Ethernet, Card Reader, Expresscard/34
Weight: About 1kg

LG XNote S-210: 12.1

According to AVING, LG Electronics unveiled its S-210 notebook PC during the Korea Electronics Show 2008. Although full specifications have not been disclosed, the S-210 notebook PC sports a 12.1″ wide TFT LCD with the sub-brand “Fine Bright”. I’m guessing the brightness enhancements will come from the use of a glare-type LCD. The pixel format will most likely be 1280 x 800. Another important factor is that this little S-210 has a lot of ports such as eSATA and HDMI in addition to an ExpressCard/34 slot. Weight is about 1kg or about 2.2lbs, very light!

Source: AVING via Slashgear

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