Mac Funamizu’s Nanokia: E Ink Smartphone Concept

Mac Funamizu's Nanokia: E Ink Smartphone Concept

Simple as can be. And quite sexy too. Mac Funamizu‘s Nanokia smartphone concept is based on E Ink display technology. Makes sense as E Ink’s electronic paper display consumes very little power, especially when the content is not changing. So the keyboard and keypad would consume close to zero power.

Combine the simple design with touch (multitouch I hope), visual, audio, and haptic feedback and physical keyboards have very little advantage. Try allowing international keyboards on a physical keyboard: nearly impossible and clumsy at best. The bezel-less design looks fantastic. I hope a company would be bold enough to bring something like this to market. Of course I would also hope the OS would be as sexy and most importantly intuitive to use.

Source: Wired

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