Motorola Aura: Circular Display with 62-carat Sapphire Crystal Lens

Gizmodo: The Motorola Aura mobile phone is one unique-looking phone. The Aura uses a circular display that is 1.55-inch in diameter and can display 16 million colors with a resolution of 300 dpi. According to Motorola, the Aura is the world’s first mobile phone to incorporate a circular display. The display looks quite upscale. And I must say that I am somewhat (pleasantly) surprised to see Motorola break out of the tired candybar and clamshell mold.

To prevent scratching, much like high-end watches, the display covered with a lens that feature 62-carat sapphire crystal, “one of the most scratch-resistant materials on earth”. Sounds impressive. Want to know what the price is? US$2,000. For that enormous price, you get 130 ball bearings (good for 100,000 flips) that are used to flip open the blade, 700 individual components, quad-band GPRS and EDGE connectivity, 2GB of internal memory, AGPS, a 2MP camera and a 304 stainless steel housing with chemically etched textures. The Aura will be available on December 4, 2008.

Update 2008.10.27 10:53AM PST: If you want an exhaustive review of the MOTOAURA, hop on over to mobile-review where you will find all the pictures you’d ever want of the high-end couture mobile phone. Check out the screensavers especially the ones that make it a clock (like the picture above). Very nicely done Motorola!

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