Amazon Kindle $50 Off: Discount Code OPRAHWINFREY

Amazon Kindle $50 Off: Discount Code OPRAHWINFREY

There’s a lot we can do to save the environment: recycle, drive less, use less electricity, etc. You can also buy Amazon‘s Kindle and cancel the newspaper and magazine (the ones that uses actual paper) subscriptions. You can also bring down the demand for paper-based books. Just the other day I was watching a documentary on how magazines were made. It was all very interesting but one thing I noticed was how much machinery, paper, materials, electricity, etc. are used. Not only that, after the magazines are manufactured they need to be distributed to stores.

Of course it takes a considerable amount of resources to build, distribute and sell the Kindle as well. But my guess is that a lot less resources are used compared to making books, magazines, newspapers, etc. I would be very interested in finding out exactly how much resources are required to manufacture the Kindle versus newspapers, magazines, books, etc.

I think one of the revolutionary aspects of the Kindle is that it challenges the status quo of how we consume information. If the Kindle takes off in a big way there will be entire industries (ink, paper, printing, binding, retail bookstores, etc.) that will need to be drastically reduced or changed. When operating the Kindle it uses very little energy thanks to the electronic paper display technology that was developed by E Ink. The bi-stable display only consumes a little bit of energy when the display is being updated, for instance when the page is turned. With a persistent EV-DO connection (a fast cellular connection that you pay nothing for) you get instant gratification: you purchase a book and it starts downloading straight to your Kindle. Within minutes you’re reading your book. How cool is that.

Amazon is making it a bit easier on the wallet with a $50 discount: just use the code OPRAHWINFREY when you’re checking out. The discount code is valid through November 1, 2008. I guess the Kindle is Oprah Winfrey’s favorite gadget. Actually, no, that’s not quite correct. The Kindle is Oprah Winfrey’s “new favorite favorite thing in the world.”

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