HP Mini-Note for $299 at Amazon.com

HP Mini-Note for $299 at Amazon.com

HP‘s Mini-Note is going for an incredible $299 at Amazon.com. The specs are:

Display: 8.9″ TFT LCD
Pixel Format: 1280 x 768
CPU: 1.0GHz VIA C7-M
Storage: 4GB Flash
OS: Linux

Notebook Review has stated that HP’s Mini-Note is “the most attractive 8.9-inch notebook we’ve ever seen” and that the build quality is excellent. You’ll also appreciate that the keyboard is great. In a small unit like this there’s also an ExpressCard slot that lets you get on 3G as well as other upcoming wireless standards.

Laptop Magazine gave the Mini-Note 4 out of 5 stars and stated the unique features of the Mini-Note to be an adult-size keyboard, business-oriented design and to opt for the Mini-Note if you “require more from your mini-notebook”.

And I’d like to chime in by saying you get a really fantastic LCD at 8.9″ and a full pixel format of 1280 x 768 that will allow you to watch 720p content without a hitch. There are no other 8.9″ netbooks that can compete with the Mini-Note. (Let me know if there are!) This particular model from Amazon comes with a VIA CPU that won’t be powerful enough to run Windows Vista quickly but with Linux it should be no problem. Also the 4GB flash module won’t allow you to load up on all of your movies but if all you need is an ultra-portable netbook that will get you online, email, surf, social network, upload pictures, read documents, etc. the Mini-Note is up there with the best netbooks.

It’s an amazing deal considering the best price that I’ve seen from elsewhere is around $350. Save yourself $50! Click the link below to get straight to the deal.

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