LG Display (LPL) Next-Generation Display Technology at FPD International 2008

LG Display (LPL) Next-Generation Display Technology at FPD International 2008

LG Display (LPL) is planning to showcase a bunch of displays at the upcoming FPD International 2008 at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall in Japan from October 29 through 31. Here is the list:

  • 42″ Shine Out LCD: World’s lowest reflection ratio (<0.5%). Low reflections are important when installed in bright ambient environments.
  • 15″ Double-sided reflective LCD: Displays images on both sides using natural light and does not require a backlight.
  • 42″ Low Power: Features a LED backlight, local dimming, optimal power control technologies and lowers power consumption by 40%.
  • 47″ Ultra Slim: Just 11.8mm thick.
  • 2×2 3D Multi-vision: Four 42″ LCDs titled in a 2×2 matrix displaying 3D images that can be seen without wearing goggles.
  • 6″ Oval LCD: Yup, oval.
  • 1.5″ Round LCD: The type of LCD that is incorporated into Motorola’s AURA mobile phone.
  • 4″ Flexible AMOLED: Has a 320 x 240 pixel format.
  • 3″ – 4.3″ AMOLED: Several AMOLEDs in this size range.
  • 19″ AMOLED: This is a rather big one.

And the last one wasn’t specifically named in the press release but I am guessing LPL’s 52″ multitouch LCD will be showcased too since the picture was sent with the press release. I assume the picture was taken at an early show such as SID or the Korea Electronics Show.

Source: LG Display

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