Samsung SDI OLED Flapping Display: 4″ and 0.05mm Thick

Samsung SDI OLED Flapping Display: 4

Samsung SDI is showcasing its “Flapping Display” at FPD International 2008 in Japan. The Flapping Display is a 4″ OLED display that is so thin (just 0.05mm!) that it flaps in the air. The pixel format is 480 x 272 (the same as you see on a Sony PSP for example) with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1. Brightness is 200 cd/m2 with a color gamut of 100% NTSC. These are extremely good specifications. A Samsung SDI representative stated that “it is technically possible to make the panel thinner.” Wow.

Source: Tech-On via OLED-Info

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