Kent Displays Reflex LCD: Wafer Thin Flexible and Tough LCD

Kent Displays Reflex LCD: Wafer Thin Flexible and Tough LCD

Kent Displays has developed a new LCD that is extremely thin, quite flexible and is rugged. How thin? How about 30 microns, thinner than a strand of hair. It is also rugged enough for military applications. The prototype sports a pixel format of 320 x 160, not quite ready for prime time but the prototype shows that this new LCD can be easily seen in very bright ambient environments. “Reflex” is the LCD coating that allows for ultra-wide viewing angles and high viewability in bright sunlight. Reflex is based on cholesteric LCD (ChLCD) technology. Reflex displays do not require any power to maintain an image so as long as the image on the LCD does not change the Reflex display is consuming zero energy. Electronic price tags in supermarkets or larger ones at gas stations might be potential applications. In other words, Kent Displays’ Reflex LCD feature similar features to electronic paper display technology developed by companies like E Ink.

With this new LCD, Kent Displays has developed what is called “eGo”, an electronic skin for mobile phones that allow the user to change the color or graphics that are displayed simply by touching it. Imagine the possibilities! eGo electronic skin not only for mobile devices but for practically everything: notebook PCs, keyboards, mice, e-book readers, digital photo frames, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, credit cards, clothing, toys… the list goes on.

Kent Displays has a roll-to-roll manufacturing capacity in the US that can manufacture millions of plastic displays on an annual basis. Not only that, the cost of manufacturing will be reduced by a significant amount. Production on the company’s new manufacturing line is expected to commence in January 2009, just a couple of months away. This LCD technology originated at the Liquid Crystal Institute (LCI) at Kent State University. Kent Displays was founded in 1993 by Dr. J. William Doane and William Manning of Manning Ventures of Rochester, NY. The company is located close to LCI in Kent, Ohio.

Source:, Kent Displays

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