Sharp AQUOS Fulltouch 931SH: 3.8″ Touch LCD with 1024 x 480

HardwareZone: The Sharp AQUOS Fulltouch 931SH is getting really close to a perfect display on a mobile phone. The Fulltouch 931SH, available from SoftBank, sports a 3.8-inch LCD with touch capability and an incredibly packed pixel format of 1024×480. Just imagine full-sized Internet surfing on a mobile phone! In addition the Fulltouch 931SH features a 5.2MP camera with an image sensor based on CMOS technology. This should at least suggest that the Fulltouch 931SH will take some very decent pictures. The touch capability on the Fulltouch is multitouch (as seen on one of the pictures in the gallery). More info and gallery after the jump.

The AQUOS Fulltouch 931SH is a slider phone. I hope Sharp comes out with other versions such as one that has a QWERTY keyboard. All that attractive display hardware becomes quite useless without an operating system that takes advantage of it. From the look of the pictures of the OS, I’m guessing that it’s going to be very difficult to make full use of the amazing display. The OS is simply ugly and very user unfriendly. It is interesting to see there is a physical (and on the screen) Yahoo! button, here’s why: Japan’s SoftBank group markets its consumer broadband services under the Yahoo! brand.

I think Apple’s iPhone 3G’s chassis is big enough to incorporate this 3.8-inch 1024×480 touch LCD. Speaking of the iPhone, the Fulltouch’s front design looks very similar. Except for the absence of the single button on the iPhone the Fulltouch sports an all display surface, a rounded rectangular cutout for your ear when talking and a silver-colored rounded bezel. Now if Apple could shrink the round button into a button the exact size of the rectangular cutout for the sound to the ear, it could make enough room for this amazing 3.8-inch LCD.

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