Pioneer KURO KRL-37V: 37″ KURO LCD TV

Pioneer KRL-37V Specifications

Display: 37″ Sharp ASV TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Frequency: 100Hz (European model)
Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 (High Contrast Front Filter)
Backlight: Automatic Brightness Adjustment via Ambient Light Sensor
Connectivity: HDMI 1.3 (3), SCART (2), Component, S-Video, VGA, Headphone, Stereo Audio Inputs, CAM, RF, Digital Audio Output, RS-232
Dimensions: 898 x 638 x 281mm
Price: £1,278.99 (VAT included)

Pioneer KRL-37V: 37

The KRL-37V is a 37″ LCD TV from Pioneer and is the company’s largest LCD TV. Pioneer, as you may already know, is the company behind the KURO line of plasma TVs that are known to have the blackest blacks of any TV technology. The KURO KRL-37V is housed in a brushed aluminum finish, quite nice and much better than the plastic enclosures for most LCD TVs out there. That along should hint that this KURO LCD TV is not for everyone.

The three HDMI 1.3 connections are innovations from Sharp where the devices attached to the HDMI connections are automatically detected and labeled. For instance, if you attach a Sony PlayStation 3 to one of the HDMI ports, the KRL-37V will know that and label that particular video input as PS3. Since most remote controls do not have a QWERTY keyboard this feature not only saves you a lot of time but also a lot of hassle.

Trusted Reviews gave the KRL-37V an overall rating of 8/10. What they really appreciated was the image quality. According to TR, “black levels look slightly deeper, richer and definitely filled with more shadow detail than is commonly the case in the LCD world.” That is good news. However, the review was left wanting a bit more improvement in the black levels: “they still suffer sporadic moments of gentle grayness over dark corners.” I am sure with a LED backlight implementation along with local dimming technology that this will be significantly improved in later versions.

The review goes on to praise the richly saturated colors especially with HD content: “…the 37V’s colours when watching HD are among the most expressive and accurate I’ve seen on any LCD TV to date.” The high contrast front filter is undoubtedly improving contrast ratio and directly impacting color saturation. Stick to HD content because SD content didn’t seem to fair as well with some “slightly odd colour tones”.

100Hz, double the usual 50Hz for the European PAL standard, is a feature to reduce motion blur on LCD TVs. Double frequency LCD TVs geared for countries with 60Hz as a standard will, of course, have 120Hz frequencies. TR noticed “signs of motion blur at times” for both HD and SD content. In most cases, 100/120Hz double frequencies are not enough to completely eliminate motion blur. You need to mate it with ultra-fast response time liquid crystals, black frame insertion or backlight scanning/pulsating to bring motion blur down to almost zero.

Viewing angle was a bit limited. This isn’t surprising since Sharp‘s Advanced Super View (ASV) LCD technology is based on VA technology at its core. VA technology generally exhibits very high contrast ratios and brightness dead on but falls much faster that IPS. IPS on the other hand does not have as high contrast ratio or brightness dead center. TR notes that “black levels and colour tones drop off markedly as you move down the TV’s sides”. KURO plasma beater the KURO KRL-32V is not. But, it is better than Sharp-branded LCD TVs even though it uses the same LCD panels. The KURO KRL-32V is also considered one of the best LCD TVs out there in terms of front screen performance.

Source: Trusted Reviews

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