TAG Heuer Meridiist: Swiss Engineered Mobile Phone

TAG Heuer: The TAG Heuer Meridiist is the “first Swiss engineered communication instrument” according to a Tourneau catalog that I recently received. TAG Heuer makes very nice timepieces and the Meridiist, as far as I know, is the very first mobile phone (smartphone?) that the company has made. The body is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steal and the display cover is made of Sapphire crystal. That reminds me of what Motorola did with its ultra-chic Aura mobile phone. There is leather too, on the bottom (and the back) and that is made of red calfskin. There isn’t a lot of technical information about the Meridiist, but there a lot of pictures after the jump.

At the top you can see that there is a small monochrome LCD (or OLED?) that shows you what time it is. That could be convenient if you have the Meridiist clipped onto your belt or if you have it in your purse. You won’t need push a button to get the LCD to turn on just to find out what time it is. It also has a camera built-in with what looks like a protective cover with the logo on it. If I were to guess, the camera is probably in the range of 2-3MP.

The Meridiist lasts 28 days on standby and has a very long 7 hours of talk time. You’ll need some serious financial power to grab one of these. The price? A cool US$4,650.

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