Griffin Clarifi iPhone 3G Case: Clear Close-Up Pictures!

Griffin Clarifi iPhone 3G Case: Clear Close-Up Pictures!

I don’t talk much about cases because I usually don’t use one. It’s not that I don’t want to take care of my precious iPhone 3G but I do like the way it feels and a case would just ruin that whole touchy-feely-thingy. But I think I might have to get a case. Not just to protect my iPhone 3G but to do something else that I’ve been trying hopelessly to do for a long long time. The original iPhone had the same problem.

When I’m looking at car magazines or… mmm… actually that’s all I read when I’m at Barnes & Noble, I like to take pictures of information that I think are useful. For instance a spark plug that increases horsepower (if you’re wondering: Pulstar). Many times the picture just isn’t good enough for me to figure out what the text is saying. The iPhones definitely have a problem with closeup photos. I can pull it back a bit to get more focus but then the text is too tiny and I still can’t read it. The folks over at Griffin has come to the rescue in its Clarifi iPhone 3G case: it has a built-in close-up lens that you can flick on. The results?

Gizmodo did a “lightning review” on the Clarifi and came out impressed that it actually works and that it worked better than the he (Mark Wilson) expected. Hop on over there to check out the pictures he took. I am certainly impressed. The Clarifi with the close-up lens enable the iPhone to take some really sharp close-up pictures. You can also get more information about the Clarifi at Griffin. It goes for $34.99 at the site. But if you want to get a much better deal than that, hop on over to Amazon and grab it for just $17.64.

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