IPS Alpha to Build LCD Module Plant in Malaysia

IPS Alpha, a LCD manufacturing company and subsidiary of Panasonic, announced on November 12, 2008 that it will invest about JPY900 million (about US$9.2 million) to build a LCD module production plant in Selangor, Malaysia. Operations are schedule to commence in February 2009 with an initial monthly output of 50,000 units with plans to hit 250,000 units per month. The LCD module process is labor-intensive and requires the manual adding of the backlight and LCD driver tabs to the LCD. The Malaysia-based LCD module plant will be IPS Alpha’s second with the first located in the Czech Republic.

IPS Alpha to Build LCD Module Plant in Malaysia

I wasn’t familiar with where Selangor, Malaysia was so thought I’d put up a map (courtesy of Google Earth). Click on the image and you should get a huge map and Selangor, Malaysia is right in the center of the image. IPS Alpha is 45% owned by Panasonic and 50% owned by Hitachi Displays. Hitachi Displays is 50% owned by Hitachi Ltd. and 25% each by Panasonic and Canon. So Panasonic’s ownership of IPS Alpha totals 57.5% due to its part ownership of Hitachi Displays. Also as the name suggests IPS Alpha manufactures LCDs using In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which is known for great color fidelity and very wide viewing angles.

Source: Reuters

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