Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute’s Dynamic ECD

Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute (phew, that was long!) has developed a new display technology that it is calling Dynamic ECD. Dynamic ECD is a reflective display that does not require a backlight to light up. Instead of a backlight it uses ambient light. The limitations of reflective displays was that they tended to lack brightness due to poor reflectivity. There has been advances in this regard such as Qualcomm‘s MEMS technology but generally has not garnered much excitement from consumers. Maybe we’re just spoiled by high-end LCDs and OLEDs. Funai wants to change that.

The Dynamic ECD display has a reflectivity of 80%,much higher than reflective LCDs. Color changes occur when electricity is passed through. A big advantage is that it sips electricity: power consumption is rated at just 0.16mW per cm2 or just 1% of typical LCDs. The Dynamic ECD packs a final punch: because it does not require a backlight that usually comprises about 30% of the cost of a typical LCD, manufacturing the Dynamic ECD will be roughly 30% less. Funai expects to commercialize the Dynamic ECD display in 2009 and will be geared toward portable electronics such as mobile phones, ebook readers, PMPs, MIDs, UMPCs, netbooks, etc. with 7″ to 14″ sizes.

Source: Trading Markets

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