Sharp Considers Cutting LCD TV Production

Sharp is considering reducing LCD TV production and may cut temporary workers at its Fukuyama  plant in Hiroshima prefecture. The Fukuyama plant makes components used in LCD TVs. The reason? Slowing deman for LCD TVs. Miyuki Nakayama, Tokyo-based spokeswoman for Sharp, stated that the time and size of the cuts have yet to be decided. Kyodo News reported that 300 temporary workers may be cut at the Fukuyama plant. Other cuts by Sharp may include temporary workers at the Kameyama plant in Mie prefecture. The Kameyama plant is where Sharp’s LCD fabs are located.

This coincides with previously reported news that Sharp may cut production at its Kameyama plant by as much as 10% starting mid-December due to sluggish demand for LCD TVs. If Sharp decided to cut production, it would mark the first time since LCD manufacturing operations commenced in 2004. Sharp maintained its target of selling 11 million LCD TVs in its fiscal year ending March 2009.

Source: Bloomberg, Reuters

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