South Korean Scientists Develop “True Blue” OLED Material

South Korean Scientists Develop

Differential aging is a big problem for OLED displays. What is it? Simply put: aging at different rates. The blue organic material used for OLEDs age quickly and over time the overall display can look downright ugly. You don’t get to see that because most OLED displays are integrated into mobile phones, which you toss after 2 years or so. Well, Sung-Ho Jin, a chemistry professor at Pusan National University, and his team announced the development of a “true blue” OLED material. The result is a project that was state funded and with Seoul National University engineers. What’s so true about it?
It must mean that the color blue is more blue than cyan. With an improved OLED material for blue, I would assume that the efficacy of the material is improved so that energy efficiency is increased. In turn, that would mean that the resulting OLED display will consume less energy. There will also be no need for compensation circuitry that pumps more electricity for aging blue materials to maintain color fidelity.

Source: OLED-Info

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