Dell SE178WFP: 17″ Wide LCD Monitor for $99.99 at Staples

Dell SE178WFP Specifications

Display: 17″ Wide TN TFT LCD
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Pixel Format: 1440 x 900
Contrast Ratio: 600:1
Response Time: 8ms
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Connectivity: VGA
Dimensions: 15.87 x 13.35 x 4.97″
Price: MSRP $199.99 ($99.99 at Staples) 

Dell SE178WFP: 17

Dell‘s SE178WFP is a 17″ wide LCD monitor. You don’t see little ones like the SE178WFP any more. But if you’re in the market for a small LCD monitor or want a dual monitor setup, the diminuitive 17″ from Dell might just be what you’re looking for. The pixel format is 1440 x 900, the same as what you’d get in a 19″ wide LCD monitor. The contrast ratio is a respectable 600:1 while the response time of 8ms is a bit on the slow side. So don’t expect great performance watching videos or playing games, but if you’re main need is to get some work done, the SE178WFP will be quite capable. With a budget price of just $99.99 at Staples, you can afford to get two for a dual monitor setup!

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